Frei Software Development

Webalizer Xtended - Features

Webalizer Xtended with patch base v2.23-03 includes lots of new features and improvements such as...

  • Separate main table section that shows archived reports.
  • Apache mod_logio support to log the number of bytes received/sent per request on a website. The numbers reflect the actual bytes as received on the network. See here for details.
  • Additional monthly statistics for all "HTTP 404 Not Found"-errors incl. hits, number of requests, percentage requests and "HTTP 404 Not Found"-error URL's.
  • Separate HTML page that displays all "HTTP 404 Not Found"-errors.
  • Automatic sorting and incremental or full logfile processing of "HTTP 404 Not Found"-errors.
  • Additional response code pie chart.
  • Fully user definable colors for all statistics (e.g. background, text, links, tables and charts).
  • User definable table and chart borders (3D-effects).
  • Human-readable transfer size (KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB instead of KBytes only).
  • Preset grouping for several well known browsers, user-agents and bots.
  • New configuration keywords to control all new Webalizer Xtended features.
  • Various (security) bug-fixes for the original Webalizer v2.23-03.